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"How to find meaning after retirement" written by Diane Stafford

What is my
purpose? What will I do? Am I ready?

“These are the big life questions that boomers need help answering,”
says Mickie Schroeder, BOOMERrangs owner and Retirement Coach.
People are living longer, retiring earlier and asking themselves
“What’s next for me?”

"Circle Back to your Dreams" Coaching can help you live by design not by default
In America, 10,000 Boomers per day will be leaving their jobs. It’s a shift that profoundly drives how we organize our lives, use our talents, and make decisions about our future. We’re compelled to ask, “who do I want BE” in retirement?

Boomers want a vital, meaningful lifestyle!

One desire consistent with all generations is that we want to "make a difference." This is stronger in retirees as life balance becomes more meaningful and the time left for opportunities to make a significant difference becomes less. Realizing long-held dreams, rediscovering passions, and contributing in a meaningful way becomes fulfilling and rewarding!

It's more than income that needs to be replaced.

People start off their retirement with a positive attitude but, as time goes by, it deteriorates. Why?  Our research tells us that people enter retirement with only vague notions of playing golf, traveling, or spending time with grandchildren. While these are great things to do they cannot sustain a person day-in and day-out over a decade or two. 

After a while the joy of not having to go to work slowly evaporates into boredom and, if not checked, depression. This is, especially, true for men. The suicide rate spikes dramatically in the US for white males over 65 according to National Institutes of Health. When George Eastman retired he lived for only a few months before shooting himself. He left a note that said, “I’m retired! There’s nothing left.”

If the whole source of your identity is your work, when its gone, who are you? This is why a lot of people, who say they cant wait for retirement to come, actually, feel very apprehensive about it. So what’s next for you? 

Only you have the answer. We have tools to get you to it.

Our Boomerangs Retirement Coaches will help you transform your ”retirement” into a life filled with satisfaction and purpose. YOU will “Circle Back to Your Dreams" and create a retirement that is uniquely yours!”

The “Circle Back to Your Dreams” coaching process, developed by BOOMERangs owners, Mickie Schroeder and Jeffrey Jans, is based on the 3 phases William Bridges outlines in his book, Transitions. They applied those phases to retirement: 1. Break from Career or Profession 2. Take a Productive Pause 3. Make a Fresh Start. In addition, hundreds of other books, magazine articles, white papers, and interviews were used for reference. It is also based on the personal experiences of Mickie and Jeff as they took early retirement and started staring into space wondering "what's next?"

Circle Back to Your Dreams...
Create a retirement that is uniquely yours!

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