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Non-Financial Retirement Coaching

Non-Financial Retirement Coaching 

Piecing together your new vision

We are committed to the coaching relationship that serves you best. Whether one-on-one, with a partner, or in a group setting, we promise a reflective and safe environment that opens possibilities and turns them into reality. Using a combination of powerful questions and activities, we coach you through the Circle Back to Your Dreams process, helping you discover a new vision that provides you on-going, day-to-day engagement. Your new vision can come from:​

  • What you always wanted to do but never did for a multitude of reasons. 
  • A unique blending or mix of talents and interests that you can’t “see” for yourself. 
  • An extension or re-purposing of the work you’ve been doing all along. Or any other source.  
Take a Productive Pause

Coaching Services

Create a Retirement
that is Uniquely Yours! 

People say, “I’ll never retire!” What they mean is they’ll never stop working at something. Whether it is to keep making money and/or do something meaningful and significant, what that “something” is can be elusive.The goal of our coaching is to help you find that which is uniquely yours to be and do.

For those with only vague ideas of spending time with grandchildren, golfing, or traveling the retirement “honeymoon” can quickly evaporate into boredom and depression.

This is, especially, true for men. 

Therefore, we encourage you to get as intentional about your Retirement Life as you are about your finances! Much more than income needs to be replaced when a person retires.

Circle Back to Your Dreams is a retirement coaching process which enables you to “let go” of your career or profession, reconnect with or determine your life’s purpose, and find the method or vehicle that will fulfill that purpose. The result is a “retirement” where each day you are engaged in something meaningful and significant to you.

Circle Back To Your Dreams

The BOOMERangs “Circle Back to Your Dreams” coaching process, developed by BOOMERangs founders and owners, Mickie Schroeder and Jeffrey Jans, is based on the 3 phases William Bridges outlines in his book, Transitions. They applied those phases to retirement:

  1. Break from Career or Profession
  2. Take a Productive Pause
  3. Make a Fresh Start

In addition, hundreds of other books,

magazine articles, white papers, and

interviews were used for reference. It is

also based on the personal experiences

of Mickie and Jeff as they took early

retirement and started staring into space

wondering "what's next?" 

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