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Non-Financial Retirement Coaching 

Bonnie's Journey...
Bonnie, "former CEO of Medical Center" who took early retirement package, talks about her experience as a BOOMERangs client and how she was able to circle back to her dreams. 

Don's Vision...
Don, a Nuclear Plant engineer nearing retirement, has a strong desire for working with special needs kids. During coaching sessions he rediscovered a passion for horses which he hadn’t thought about in decades. The “what if” question was obvious at this point; “what if he combined those two passions?” By exploring that question Don found two places near where he lives that work with autistic kids and now provides horse rides and now he volunteers at each providing horse rides. 

What is next for you? Reclaim your purpose, discover your hidden talents,
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Mickie & Jeff share their story ...
Boomerangs Retirement Life Coaches, Mickie Schroeder & Jeffrey Jans tell how they found their 'calling' as retirement life coaches. "We are our own best clients. We realized there are others like us out there!" 

Ben's discovery...
After a career as chief of a small town fire department, Ben needed a change. During his first coaching session, he revealed a great passion for Civil War related history. This led to a discussion of Ken Burns’ PBS series “The Civil War” which Ben hadn’t seen. At the next session Ben spoke of his interest in researching his own and others’ ancestors. We asked “if you combined your passion for Civil War history with your interest in ancestry where would that lead?” The answer became a business that produces videos of a client’s ancestor’s life done in the style of a Ken Burns’ documentary. In addition to family tree displays, in a Ben video you’ll see pictures of where your great-grandmother shopped for food, what she might’ve bought, and how much it cost. You might see a toy your father played with or his report card from school. A musical track over the pictures might be a song played at a school dance he attended. Its ancestry put in context of all the life around it and, therefore, is a history lesson. 

Erica's Dream...
Erica was the director of a large pet adoption agency for over 10 years. Before becoming director she held various other positions working there for a total of 17 years. She knew it was time to pass the torch but held off doing so because she still felt vital and had contributions to make. She just didn’t know what they were. At one point in the coaching we asked her to list a combination of job and other activities she was both good at and enjoyed. Next we asked her to list all the things she thought about doing when in school or when her kids were young or dreamed about when a kid herself. On one list was the skill to "approach powerful, wealthy people and convince them to support an important cause." On the other list was “to be a dancer.” We asked how those 2 things could be combined. Her answer was “I’m way too old to be a ballerina but I could sure help a dance company get funding.”  With a beautiful restored building for offices and rehearsals, a lucky  mid-west dance company now makes frequent trips to New York’s Joyce Dance Theatre and the Berkshires’ Jacob Pillow Dance Festival.

William's Leap of Faith...
A funeral home owner handed off the business to other family members. For the next few years, amongst other activities, he conceived of an idea to provide coaching to new widowers. He’d been doing this as an adjunct to his other duties all along but now saw it as a full time pursuit. He had great ideas but they remained only ideas. He was unwilling to make the leap, as theatre people say, from page to stage. In other words, give it life. Make it reality. We didn’t totally disregard the coaching phases Breaking from Career or Profession or Take a Productive Pause but it was clear William had let go of his past and had a meaningful vision to pursue. Therefore, the focus of our coaching with William was the phase, Make a Fresh Start. By asking several powerful questions and giving him an activity about experimenting, he was able to “put a stake in the ground” and make a commitment to getting started.

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