Non-Financial Retirement Coaching

Non-Financial Retirement Coaching 

​​Guide clients toward their retirement vision using the 
 Circle Back to Your Dreams
Retirement Coaching Process.

Whether coaching individuals, couples or small groups, we recommend you use the Self-Coaching Workbook as the foundation of your coaching engagement. The Leader's Guide is complete with all you need to plan, facilitate and debrief the Circle Back to Your Dreams activities. 

Coaching Small Groups
One of the benefits of coaching is the discipline it brings. When clients choose to be accountable to a coach, more gets done in a shorter period. Plus, each member feels accountable to the whole  group and the results it produces are astounding. The support and interaction of like-minded people is a powerful and productive experience. 

We suggest you limit your group to no more than 10 people and no less than 5. From our years as facilitators of training we know this is a manageable size. 9-10 people can bring a good level of diversity of thought and experience to your group without sacrificing the ability for all to know each other’s retirement desires. 

Coach Your Clients Through Circle Back To Your Dreams Process

10,000 Boomers a day are leaving their jobs and in search of a
​meaningful lifestyle and purpose. Many need the support of a retirement life coach. 

To learn more about 
“Circle Back to Your Dreams”,
​contact Jeffrey Jans at (914) 447-2745

The market is huge. 
​If only a very small percentage of the 10,000 Boomers retiring everyday want coaching, its far more work than any one coach can handle.

Bonnie Howell, former BOOMERangs client and now a Retirement Life Coach, speaks about her experience.  

Self-Coaching Workbook
Boomerangs Retirement Life Coaching

Using the Boomerangs “Circle Back to Your Dreams” process, based on the William Bridges Transition Model, you can coach retirees to reclaim their purpose, discover their hidden talents, or repurpose old ones, and live their retirement dream.

The competition is minimal. 
The overwhelming amount of focus

for Boomer retirement is on matters

financial. We are not. There are a few organizations offering non-financial coaching but our process is unique. See the rest on the web site to learn about our process. 

The process is a proven success! 

We’ve done the research and created a coaching process that works.  

Much of our business has come from partnering with financial institutions and retirement planners. Together we offer a holistic approach in servicing retirees. We are happy to share with you our learnings to get you started and collaborate as needed.