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Non-Financial Retirement Coaching

Non-Financial Retirement Coaching 

Your new vision can come from:
•  What you always wanted to do but never did for a multitude of reasons. 
•  A unique blending or mix of talents and interests that you can’t “see” for yourself 
•  An extension or re-purposing of the work you’ve been doing all along. 
•  Or any other source

To arrive at this vision, Circle back to Your Dreams coaching follows a process based on William Bridges’ book, Transitions. His 3 phases have been specifically applied to retirement. 

Far different than what most people expect about their first days of retirement, many people report feeling “like a deer in the headlights,” “angry at the world,” and “resentful of those still working.”  They’ve spoken of going back to their place of work to make sure everything isn’t falling apart. They stay up on workplace changes for a few months. They’ll meet the gang at the after-work watering hole for a while. Letting go is not easy.

Break from Career or Profession focuses on activities and thoughts that guide you through “letting go” with more awareness and as a springboard into Take a Productive Pause. It is clearing the old from your mind in order to make room for the new.

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Break from Career or Profession

"Circle Back to your Dreams" Coaching 

Make a Fresh Start

In Transitions, William Bridges writes, “A genuine fresh start depends upon an inner re-alignment rather than on external shifts, for it is when we are aligned with deep longings (found during Take a Productive Pause) that we become powerfully motivated.”  

Take a Productive Pause is meant to be a moratorium from the routine of everyday life. It is living with and, maybe even, enjoying ambiguity. It is allowing the anxiety of not knowing “what’s next” to be a positive. For many people this is not easy. Old ways of seeing the world keep rearing their head (stimulus) and your reaction (response) is often knee jerk.

Determining a purpose or re-confirming an existing one provides you with the will power

needed to overcome these old ways of being or thinking about yourself. It’s what 

Stephen Covey says in 7 Habit of Highly Effective People, “when you have a bigger

‘yes’ saying ‘no’ to those things that don’t matter is easy!" This allows your focus to be

on developing many options for fulfilling your retirement intention or purpose. 

To make a successful fresh start it is important to understand that we can undermine resolve and casts doubts on our plans. People will put a toe in the water and pull back because they believe they’re not good enough or don’t have all the answers. As Laura Fortgang says in Now What?, it is at this stage people will “.. .’yeah, but….’. The first step sets off early-warning signals and a retreat to the safe, high ground is reassuring.” Make a Fresh Start focuses on experimenting with your options in order to identify these doubts and move past them.

It is important to distinguish between a real fresh start and a simple defensive reaction to making a break. A real fresh start intuitively feels right. You know it when your mind won’t let it go. Like a real good book that you’d rather read than do almost anything else, a real fresh start will, at the beginning, be impossible to put down. That’s what “powerfully motivated” feels like.

Take a Productive Pause

Create a retirement vision that is uniquely yours

Take a Productive Pause

Our experience and research leads us to conclude that piecing together forgotten or abandoned dreams with the wisdom and knowledge a person acquires along their journey can result in a new vision; a vision that engages you day-to-day.