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Non-Financial Retirement Coaching 

Boomerangs Self-Coaching Workbook

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Circle Back to Your Dreams for Couples adapts according to 3 separate couples’ retirement scenarios:

• One partner retires first and the other keeps working

• Both retire simultaneously
• One partner retires and the other never worked

Circle Back To Your Dreams Coaching for Couples

"How will WE make this work?" is just one of the questions that Boomer couples ask each other.

BOOMERangs is committed to the coaching format that serves you and your partner best. 

Option 1:
You and your partner can go at your own pace using the Circle Back To Your Dreams Self-Coaching Workbook. This Workbook is filled with over 20 activities to help you navigate through your retirement life planning journey. As bonus with provide a 30-minute complimentary coaching session to get your started. 

Option 2

  • 1 ½ hour sessions held one week apart for $150.00/session
  • Complete 1-3 activities between sessions
  • Sessions are held on phone or in person  

Option 3

  • 8 - session package for $1,080- a 10% discount if paid in full prior to start of sessions
  • Complete 1-3 activities between sessions
  • Sessions are held on phone or in person 

Option 4

  • Supplemental Sessions - purchase additional 3 sessions for $350.00

Clarity of vision is, also, critical for couples entering retirement.  Questions about when and where to retire and what will we do together and separately become intermixed with finances. Out of the conflict this often generates, a truly unique retirement plan can emerge. However, there are many land mines a coach can help a couple avoid.

Each of these presents a set of challenges and advantages which manifest differently for every couple. Many of the same activities used in individual coaching are now adapted for use by the couple. 

Couples coaching is a process that elicits where the individual’s visions overlap. Once this overlap is scoped out and talked through action plans often become self-evident.  Simply by talking about each other’s visions the way forward becomes obvious. The coaching becomes a matter of solidifying and capturing the plans.

When the overlap is not so great and the action plans not so obvious the approach becomes similar to individual coaching. When an individual Takes a Productive Pause he/she does the activities “Discover what you Want” and “Larger than Yourself.” When couples do these activities together much is discovered that often results in greater clarity of the couple’s vision.

Couples coaching is not marriage counseling. Our role is not to fix a relationship that is broken but aid a healthy one to look forward and prepare.

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