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 BOOMERangs Retirement Coaching was born. 

Mickie Schroeder and Jeffrey Jans started BOOMERangs when given the opportunity to “retire” from a large corporation. They have, collectively, over 70 years’ experience coaching, training, and designing adult education. When faced with the early retirement question, they sought out coaching but found only a ton of books. After reading them all, they put two and two together and used their expertise to provide the resource they couldn’t find.

One of the foremost interpreters of the Hogan Personality Report, Mickie Schroeder has worked as a leadership coach in Corporate America for over 30 years. She is a certified Retirement Options Coach and is certified by the International Coaching Federation. She ran in and finished the Chicago Marathon and she loves to dance. 

Jeffrey Jans has designed leadership courses for a wide variety of for- and non-profit organizations. For Covey Leadership Center, Jeff  facilitated 7 Habits to organizations in education, entertainment, finance, government, publishing, and telecommunications. For NCR he traveled the world facilitating Customer Focused Teams. For the City of Kansas City he co-designed and delivered Diversity Training to the Mayor, City Council, and all other city employees. For his church he led the search team for a new minister. He is a sailor, plays the drums, and is a 4.0 level tennis player- when in shape.

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Non-Financial Retirement Coaching

Non-Financial Retirement Coaching 

Introducing BOOMERangs Retirement Coaching's founders and Coaches,

Mickie Schroeder and Jeffrey Jans. 

Meet Mickie Schroeder and Jeffrey Jans

Boomerangs Retirement Life Coaching
Boomerangs Retirement Coaching
founders & Coaches
Mickie Schroeder and Jeffrey Jans 
(914) 447-2745