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Self-Coaching WorkBook

Financial Advisors Offer the BOOMERangs Self-Coaching Workbook to Clients and lead client workshops.
If you are a financial advisor, consider offering your clients a holistic approach to preparing and living their retirement vision. This Self-Coaching workbook provides activities resulting in a more clear approach  to retirement life which helps them to make key financial planning decisions. Consider leading a group workshop using the Leader's Guide

Organizations Provide BOOMERangs 
​Self-Coaching Workbook to Employees.

“What will I do next?” is a big question that employees facing retirement ask themselves. Organizations who want to help their employees transition to retirement find this Self-Coaching Workbook and Leader's Guide to be  valuable tools to put BOOMERs at ease and get excited about the next phase of their life. 

Boomerangs Retirement Life Coaching


Self Coaching Guide

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Self-Coaching For Small Groups

When you begin your journey, we suggest you lead a small group of BOOMERs, whether that be friends, family or business associates that are nearing or recently retired, through the BOOMERangs Circle Back to Your Dreams Self-Coaching Workbook. The support and interaction of like-minded people is a powerful and productive experience. 

One of the benefits of coaching is the discipline it brings to accomplish what is yours to do. When you choose to make yourself accountable to a coach who is totally “there for you,” more gets done in a shorter period. The same is true with a team or group of individuals committed to the same cause. Each member feels accountable to the whole team or group and the results it produces are astounding.

We suggest you limit your group to no more than 10 people and no less than 5. From our years as facilitators of training we know this is a manageable size. 9-10 people can bring a good level of diversity of thought and experience to your group without sacrificing the ability for all to know each other’s retirement desires. This, in turn, enables each group member the ability to coach all the others.

Leading a group? Purchase the Leader's Guide

Self-Coaching For Individuals and Couples

Although, small groups are the best method to utilize BOOMERangs Self-Coaching Guide, individuals and couples can, with commitment to the process, create a powerful intention/direction for their retirement. 

Non-Financial Retirement Coaching

Non-Financial Retirement Coaching