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Use for yourself or in Small Groups​

The Self-Coaching workbook is best utilized in small groups. However, individuals and couples can both create compelling intentions for their retirement. With any option, we help you get started with a free, 30-minute session. 

Boomerangs Retirement Life Coaching

Take Action Based on your Results

Using the Self-Coaching Guide, create a compelling intention for your “next chapter.” For a “deeper dive” into the possibilities for your retirement, Invest in a BOOMERangs Coach 

Take Action Based on your Results

Once you have completed the workbook, give us feedback about your process and how it’s working. If you’ve come to an impasse, consider investing in a coach. Also, share your intention with a financial adviser who can shape a solid plan for your money.

Boomerangs Leader's Guide

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72-page Self-Coaching Workbook with activities to help navigate you through the  retirement life journey. $19.99. Leading a group? Purchase a Leader's Guide.

Rate your readiness in 9 retirement areas

The 9 areas are taken directly from the Circle Back to Your Dreams coaching process. By rating yourself you can learn where best to focus your efforts in the 2 options to the right.

What a coach does for you

A coach elicits from you what you are after and focuses you on actions to take to get what you’re after. A coach provides you accountability to do what you’ve chosen. A coach asks powerful questions and listens. A coach is totally in your corner! 

Package of 10 sessions for $900

Individual sessions are $100 per hour.
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What's next? 

Boomerangs Self-Coaching Workbook

Non-Financial Retirement Coaching

Non-Financial Retirement Coaching 

In the past people have retired and managed to find their way to doing something they deem worthwhile all on their own. Retirement Life coaching is a new addition to planning your post-career years and one, we think, past retirees would have appreciated. The result of making your way through Circle Back to Your Dreams coaching is a self-chosen intention or direction for what you’ll do with your next chapter. Once you have this intention many of the other decisions to make about your retirement can be influenced by it. In other words, the clearer you are about what you want, the clearer you’ll be when working with a financial planner, estate or elder attorney, or real estate agent.

Coach Your Clients

10,000 Boomers retire everyday. The market is huge. The competition is minimal. The process is proven! Our coach partners are changing lives every day using the Circle Back To Your Dreams process. Whether working with individuals, couples, or a small groups, we make it easy for you to guide your clients towards their retirement vision using the BOOMERangs Circle Back to Your Dreams Leader's Guide. In it is everything you need to plan, facilitate and debrief the Retirement Life Coaching sessions. 

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Be Intentional About Your Retirement Life Planning

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Take Action Based on your Results

BOOMERangs coaching enables you to find a retirement life that is uniquely yours. A life that engages you to the amount or level you desire. By letting go of your career or profession, your slate is clear to choose a retirement intention and options and then, just do it!


Individuals, Couples
and Groups

Retirement is one of the greatest opportunities in a person’s life. Individual retirement coaching provides support as you “let go” of your working life, find a direction for “what’s next,” and experiment with your choices. The result is a retirement life of meaning, quality and fulfillment. 

Couples assume they know their partner’s retirement plans and are shocked when they hear differently. Coaching helps couples discover where their retirement visions overlap in order to find wins/win agreements.

Different from the “deep dive” individual coaching provides, group coaching offers a broad range of ideas and perspectives about each person’s retirement. The group provides insights into your own retirement and, as you contribute to the other group member’s retirement, you continue to get clearer about your own. By helping others, you help yourself. 

Create a Retirement that is Uniquely Yours!

People are living longer and asking... 
"Am I ready? What is my purpose? 
​What’s next for me?"
These are the big life questions that
need help answering.

Organizations and
Financial Advisors

Many organizations have a dilemma! Boomer employees are not retiring at the expected rate, thus, leaving younger employees less opportunity to advance. As a result, younger employees seek jobs elsewhere. Why, even when offered acceptable retirement packages, do many Boomers decline the offer? The primary factor is losses incurred during the recession. However, running a close second, is having no answer to the question, “what will I do?” Once that question is answered, a huge obstacle to taking the package is cleared and many more will retire. 

"Circle Back to Your Dreams" group workshops and individual or couples coaching is perfect for organizations who wish to help their employees transition to retirement. 

Financial advisors nationwide offer BOOMERangs retirement life coaching to clients to coincide with their financial planning.